The cast of the blog       

By virtue of this being a blog, everyone has anonymous names.  If you’ve missed their first appearances, here’s a guide to who’s who.

Eerily Cheerily – also known as EC

  • Moi. Author of this blog.  Mental lesbian young widow, British, sarcastic, bipolar, likes wine. Widowed in my twenties and traumatised.

Wife – also known as Woman

  • My wife. Vibrant, exceedingly intelligent, bossy, ridiculous lesbian wasted on accountancy, with fantastic hair. Died tragically by suicide in her twenties.

Widow Bestie

  • My best friend widow by virtue of being a) the first young widow I met and b) also a fan of wine.  Yank living in London with a huge heart, multiple pairs of stilettos and a similar #powerwidow outlook. Similarly shit in laws to mine.  Fond of swear words and winking.

Widow Second Bestie

  • As it says on the tin.  Ambitious, ridiculously smart, in her twenties, discrete.  Went to university with Wife/Woman. I went to university with her late partner.

Boy Widower – also known as BW

  • Hot, cocky, a real man, widowed in his twenties. I accidentally ended up kissing him lots when we first met.  Has a topless picture of me.  Now just friends. Phew.

Stripper Friendly Gin Drinker – also known as SFGD

  • My only remaining friend of Wife’s.  Arty, edgy writer and university peer. The last person to see Wife alive.

Mr Man Bun

  • My gay bestie. Has a man bun. Went mental with me in Vegas

Non-girlfriend / Client #2

  • Cocky, confident introvert who, loves dogs and musicals like me, and puts up with far more of my shit than she should do.  The one that I want.

Assorted Tinder Girls – abbreviated to TG followed by a number relating to order of appearance in my life. Thus far:

  • TG#1 – first Tinder date, deceived me with good spelling, hopeless talker, pansexual, excited by her pet love birds.
  • TG#2 – Irish hottie lesbian who I had sex with and from whom I managed to get away by simply ignoring her texts after a while.
  • TG#3 – edgy blonde boxer from Brighton who, despite choosing a chain Mexican restaurant for our first date, turned out to be witty, articulate and an excellent kisser.
  • TG#4 – gorgeous Londoner with a passion for politics, social justice and bridging the gap between rich and poor. At one point referred to as Future Wife.  Has been relegated.  I came out as a widow and she went AWOL.  The one that got away…
  • TG#5 – grew up in a cult and didn’t know the Lion King songs.
  • TG#6 – barrister with boobs and a very impressive wardrobe.  Workaholic and noisy in bed.  Ditched her because I fell for non-girlfriend.



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