Who is Eerily Cheerily?

I’m a British lesbian, widowed by suicide in my twenties, fucked over by a lot of people but living life again. I like attention.

During this grief journey, my eyes opened to all sorts of weird and wonderful people and things. Shit happens to good people, including becoming a young widow. It’s not fair. Love never dies. I’m bloody well going to keep living so that when I see my wife again, I can wrap her up in my magical arms, kiss her all over, and share lots of interesting stories, blog posts and adventures. #powerwidow

I’m sharp, I’m scandalous, I get depressed, I get manic, I have no concept of censorship and my fingers still manage to type when I’m drunk.

If you’d like to marry me, I’m quite open to that actually. Just be able to deal with the whole “got a dead wife” thing before proposing, yeh? I am very eligible in that I can read, write, sing and drink wine on demand. Most importantly, I have a huge heart. That last bit isn’t a joke.


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