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Mindfulness colouring in for Carole the Cunt

   What? You didn’t think this swearing lesbian widow would settle for little animals, did you? Sorry I’ve been quiet, but I’m just so busy with my colouring in book and all my emotions. Shading takes time.

This page of my colouring book is dedicated to a woman called Carole. She’s the in laws’ friend who trolled me on Facebook last week, upsetting me so much that I had to take time off work and Valium for the first time in months.

I’d posted something rather hilarious on Facebook and tagged my late wife – it turned out she’d set my memorable word on my Experian credit file as ‘vagina’. I only found this out when I called up to reset security, as it’s been years since I tried to sign in. The woman said she’d have to email me the reminder. Vagina. Bahahaha. 

Obviously, reading about this caused so many people who fondly remember my wife’s ridiculous humour to smile. Not Carole. Here’s what Carole the Cunt posted, and my first response.

Grammar and punctuation skills included, this woman is vulgar. Above is the tip of the iceberg. It got really messy. Like 20 plus comments and 80 likes messy. She called my fellow young widows and friends ‘deluded’ when they defended my right to say whatever the fuck I want, and she implied that I drove my wife to kill herself and that nobody knew the truth. The exchange that went on was ridiculous, but I remained composed throughout as I was conscious this was on my wife’s Facebook wall which her friends and family can see. Really, what I wanted to do was call Carole a mega cunt. 

Thank goodness for a blog, because I can do it here instead. Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt.


4 thoughts on “Mindfulness colouring in for Carole the Cunt

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