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A collision of lives

I am alive, just bombarded with work.  Tonight I shall be strutting my stuff in front of 300 people with my band which is made up of colleagues.  Pretty much the entire cast of the blog will be there, with the exception of Wife (she’s dead, remember?) and the Tinder Girls I’ve fucked (over).

Tinder Girl #4, who I’m now also referring to as Future Wife even though we’ve only kissed once, shall be there. Boy Widower shall be there.  Widow Bestie, Widow Second Bestie and Stripper Friendly Gin Drinker too.  This is going to be an interesting one, especially since I haven’t yet come out as a widow (check out the tips) to TG#4 and Boy Widower is expecting to fuck me (read our chat) tonight. If I get out of this without someone saying something they shouldn’t and the whole thing being an embarrassing cock up, it will be a miracle. Plus, I have to sing in tune and wear pleather leggings from Forever 21 which make my knees sweat,  I’m sexy and I know it.

How do I get myself in these situations? Wish me luck.

EC x


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