Mish mash / Moan

First world problems that happened this week in the office

  • The lunchroom ran out of quinoa on Monday.
  • I nearly wet myself because my boss stopped me on my way to the loo about something really important  and I couldn’t run away.
  • My colleague got a migraine from eating a free chocolate wafer and couldn’t see his screen.
  • I made a typo in a document sent around over 200 people.
  • The designers got miffed at me calling the backing music to an animation as a “corporate bossanova-esque piano, egg shaker, guitar, drum, violin and Celtic bagpipe musical frenzy” in the email to over 200 people.
  • They changed the colour of the plastic cups to blue ones. They are not very good quality and are smaller than the usual ones so We can’t rehydrate as much in one go as we used to.
  • A German colleague received an email that wasn’t in formal German.
  • I sent an email to Americans that wasn’t in American English. I must familiarize myself with it apparently.
  • The wifi signal in the music room was poor.
When you’re widowed, your sense of perspective is altered. On one hand, we are totally impatient with people who are knobends or can’t pull themselves together. On the other hand, we can laugh at how ridiculous they are. I just laugh. Eerily cheerily.

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