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Things people search for to find this widow blog

Not including all the Google searches for which I cannot obtain information, some of the obscure things you lot have searched for in order to find this blog are:

crazy ladies.com 

Oi! I’m bipolar, not crazy. http://crazyladies.com/ actually leads to the website of a lovely lady called Janet who is a calligrapher. Not too sure what happened to lead to little me.

how to not speak to your mother ever again

I’m sad that someone needs advice on that because it takes a lot to make the decision to never speak to someone again (unless, like my wife, they are dead).  I think they will have found this post of mine about my mother-in-law.

how can a widow feel more happy about themselves

OK, this one is nice and I’m glad they found me.  Whoever you are, I hope my blog helped.  I think reading how tragic my life is probably helps a lot of people feel better about themselves, to be honest.

bitch control methods -birth

Did they mean bitch control or birth control?  Or how to control a bitch at birth perhaps? A bizarre search term in any case.

young wadow eager for sex 

Clearly I write so much about being horny all the fucking time.  Like here and here and here and here. Well done for finding me despite the typo.

fuck of widow and boy 

WHAT THE HELL?! Who searches for this shit?  Some poor person must have been looking for porn.  Poor thing, finding a blog about a bipolar lesbian widowed by suicide is probably going to make you go a bit limp, especially this post.


3 thoughts on “Things people search for to find this widow blog

  1. Doesn’t surprise me. Today in my search summary? This gem:

    sex with dead spouse best friend

    And it’s not the first time it’s shown up. It’s like that YouTube video – If Google was a Guy.


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