10 Questions Widows Ask Themselves (way too often)

I can empathise with all of this!

An Eclectic Life

1. Will I ever recognize myself in the mirror again?
2. If I stop crying every day or almost everyday will the puffiness around my eyes subside? (yes)
3. Is there a skincare product that will hide the truckload of new lines that have cropped up around my eyes? (nope- it’s the “new” wiser you)
4. What’s with this weight thing? (ok, we know but haven’t the energy to give up the wine, chocolate and other indulgences- 10 lbs is 10 lbs get over it)
5. Will living make sense again? (I hope so)
6. Why do I feel happier around other widows and widowers than most of my old friends? ( They know this has changed me. They get that I can’t “go back” to being the old “me”)
7. Will I always have to deal with anxiety from here on out? (I hope not)
8. Why do widowers…

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