I’ve been widowed and I don’t want to eat

I can’t claim to know about a balanced diet AT ALL but for the newer wids among you who are struggling with widowrexia, I thought I’d share my tips on getting calories into you with minimal effort. At least, what helped me.  I’m not professing this is a sustainable diet but, when your body and mind are in crisis, it’ll do as a means of getting some calories and nutrients in you.

So first, when people tell you “let me know what I can do to help”, aside from thinking “FUCK YOU.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS FEELS. I JUST WANT TO DIE” , tell them you need food. Even if you don’t want to eat it, have it close by for those few moments when you do.  Microwavable portions of food in little Tupperwares (and industrial supplies of Kleenex) are what you need. Second, get a microwave if you don’t already have one. Sometimes, figuring out how to use the microwave and how long to reheat stuff for is too much for widow brain so, third, I also advise you request them to bring you the following items:

  • avocados (good fat)
  • macadamia nuts (lots of calories, good fat, protein)
  • hummus (protein)
  • carrots (veg to dip in the hummus)
  • cheese (calcium, protein)
  • bananas (fruit, potassium)
  • orange juice (vitamin C, fruit, fluids)
  • bread (fibre, carbs)
  • peanut butter (fat, protein)
  • milk (calcium)
  • wholegrain cereal (fibre)
  • chocolate (just because)
  • toilet paper (not food, but you’ll run out and when you do, it’s too late)

None of these require ANY form of cooking, unless you want to toast the bread.  They also don’t feel too heavy in your stomach and can be eaten with minimal mouthfuls and chewing.  Gradually, you’ll find your tummy can tolerate more and you’ll be able to introduce more flavour back into your diet.

But while you are newly widowed, try to sleep when you can, eat SOMETHING and drink lots of water to make up for the fluids lost while sobbing.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been widowed and I don’t want to eat

  1. I found that smoothies were good… I needed someone else to make it (another kick in the pants to the situation…), but it did provide for some nutrients despite not desiring any. The lack of chewing required was also a plus.


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